O God, my father and my mother,

How can I thank you for your grace?

You took away the veil of my ignorance,

And you made me realize our oneness.

I was asleep and fallen into dreams

Your grace awoke me from my sleep.

We were one before the grace came.

But I was not aware of it.

Your grace took me beyond grace.

Oh, the ocean of love!

You alone are.

You are like the infinite sky,

And you are also the various forms.

You are present in every form,

Like the space within the four walls.

But you are not bound by it.

If the walls are taken away

There is only one space.

You are everything and

There is no second.

We are ignorant of this truth.

When I ask myself:  who am I?

I find three answers.

I am this form, my body.

I am the space within my body,

I am the infinite space.

When I identify with my body,

I have thoughts of fear, pain and death.

I have thoughts of beauty and not beauty,

I have thoughts of inferior or superior.

I have thought of insecurity and uncertainty,

I have thoughts of lust and greed,

I have thoughts of past and future.

I feel so limited and insignificant.

I feel myself like a bubble in an ocean

I pray to you for my protection,

And beg you to provide for my bodily needs.

I pray you to transform my lust into love

And my greed into generosity.

When I identify myself with the space within my form,

I have a struggle between the finite and the infinite.

When I look outside of my bodily form,

I see the infinite, so vast and wide.

It frightens me and fascinates me

I touch it and feel it.

But I am unable to comprehend it.

I wish to hold it within the walls of my thought

Like a child trying to empty an ocean into a glass.

But I cannot. It frustrates me.

I feel like a pot in an ocean.

I am full of ocean but

I cannot contain it all.

In my mind I know you are everywhere,

But I do not see that fully with my heart.

I pray to you to purify my heart

So that I may see you everywhere.

When I identify with the infinite sky, 

I feel so liberated and free.

There is no time and space

There is no beginning and end,

There is no birth and death

There is no becoming.

There is no gaining or losing.

There is no good and evil.

There is only Eternity,

There is only Freedom,

There is only Absolute Good, 

There is only Peace, 

There is only Fullness,

There is only Love.


All the forms come from that Fullness

And they are all within it,

Like bubbles floating on an ocean,

And they all return to it.

But it is not confined to any form.

Neither does it become greater,

Nor does it become less by many forms.

It is Life and has no Death.

Life and death are like waves,

Which appear and disappear on the ocean of life.

O My God, the Unfathomable One!

As the infinite sky you are God,

As four walls you are the form,

As the space within the walls you are the soul.

As a soul confined to a form,

I ask:

Who is the form?      

     And who is the formless?

Who is the creation?      

     And who is the creator?

Who is being liberated?      

     And who is the liberator?

Who receives?      

     And who gives?

Who is the seeker?      

     And who is the sought?

Who knocks the door?       

     And who opens it?

Who is the disciple?      

     And who is the Guru?

Who receives grace?      

     And who gives grace? 

Who is in ignorance?      

     And who removes ignorance?

Who is asleep?     

     And who awakens? 

Who commits sin?      

     And who forgives it?

Who questions?       

     And who answers?

O God, I am really dumb-founded.


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