The Bede Griffiths Archive

           For a number of years members of the Sangha have been thinking about the preservation of important documents, photographs and other material relating to Father Bede that they have in their possession. Many of us are getting older and it is all too easy for these things to get thrown away after we die. So a search has been going on for a permanent archive facility that is easily accessible to members of the public that would be interested in building up a Bede Griffiths collection. Such a collection would complement the Bede Griffiths Archive in Berkeley, California, and, of course, the collection held by Prinknash Abbey. Douai Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey in Berkshire and over the last few years it has raised money to build a professional archive and library facility to be a home for important collections relating to British monasticism. Abbot Geoffrey Scott, who is also the archivist, has agreed that this can be the home for a Bede Griffiths Collection, and we are very grateful to him. It is a wonderful, modern, professional facility and Rowan Williams formally opened it and is Vice-President of the managing committee. The collection had a major boost recently when Shirley du Boulay deposited her research collection at Douai. This is the collection she made whilst writing Beyond the Darkness and it brings together many letters and articles (many as photocopies) written by Bede. Also in the archive are the original letters which formed the basis of the book Falling in Love with India, letters to Richard Rumbold (to whom The Golden String is dedicated), and letters to his friends Toby and Dorothy Rance. If any Sangha  member has material that they feel may be of interest and wish to add to the collection, please do be in contact with me.
Adrian Rance        
Taken from: The Bede Griffiths Sangha Newsletter Summer 2013 Volume 14 Issue 2

Now that there are two main Bede Griffiths collections The Bede Griffiths Trust collection at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California and the Bede Griffiths Sangha collection at the new archive facility at Douai Abbey, in Berkshire UK, if anyone has material that they feel may be of interest and wish to donate to either of the main collections – Please contact David Stiver from The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley for The Bede Griffiths Trust USA and Adrian Rance for the UK.

If you do not wish to send the originals, please scan the papers and send the digital copies.


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