a parable on The Virgin Mothers of God.


It seems that every one of us has a black box, like an airplane, in him or in her and all our actions are recorded in that black box. On the Day of Judgment the angels will open these boxes and pass judgment on the people according to the actions they have done. They will be sent to purgatory, which consists of heaven and hell, to be purified until they discover the real purpose of their life. Those who have done good actions more than bad actions will be sent to heaven to be purified of their good ego and those who have done bad actions more than good ones will be sent to hell to be purified of their bad ego. 
It was the Day of Judgment and the angels were calling each person and opening his or her black box and were passing judgment on them. Now it was the turn of Mary of Nazareth. They opened her black box and were surprised to see that there was nothing written in it. It was completely new and empty. So they asked Mary: Mary, why is your black box empty? Have you not done anything? How is it possible? You have lived so many years and you must have done something?
Mary replied: God did not manifest me to do things. God manifested me in order that I may allow God to work in and through me. My vocation is not to do my will but God's will. All my life I have allowed God to live in me and work in and through me. My life is not my life but God’s life. My actions are not my actions but God’s actions. My children are not my children but God’s children. If I say ‘I have done any action’ or ‘these children are my children’ that would be a sin.
The angels praised Mary and said: Blessed are you, Mary, for you have realized the will of God for human beings. You have walked on the earth without losing your purity of mind and heart. You are truly a virgin mother to God’s life, God’s actions and God’s children. Those who have done the will of God on earth will not face the day of Judgment and will not go to the purgatory of heaven or hell, since they have no ego of either good or bad.. Here after you will be called, ‘The Virgin Mother of God’. So also everyone who does the will of God and who allows God to work in and through him or her will be called ‘The Virgin Mother of God’.


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