BOOKS BY BEDE GRIFFITHS - (list taken from the Bede Griffiths Trust website  )

The Golden String - Bede Griffiths, Templegate 1992

Return to the Center - Bede Griffiths, Templegate 1994

Marriage of East and West - Bede Griffiths, Templegate 1992

The Cosmic Revelation - The Hindu Way to God - Bede Griffiths,Templegate 1994

Christ in India: Essays Towards a Christian-Hindu Dialogue - Bede Griffiths Templegate 1994

A Human Search: Reflection on My Life by Father Bede Griffiths. John Swindells (Editor), Wayne Teasdale, Liguori 1996

River of Compassion - Bede Griffiths, Continuum 1987

New Creation in Christ - Bede Griffiths, Templegate 1994

Bede Griffiths (Modern spirituality Series) - Bede Griffiths, Templegate 1993

Universal Wisdom: A Journey Through the Sacred Wisdom of the World - Bede Griffiths, Harper Collins 1994

A New Vision of Reality - Bede Griffiths, Templegate 1992

Christianity in the Light of the East - Bede Griffiths, Hibbert Trust 1989




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