13TH MAY 2018

Sunday, 13th May 2018 - 25th anniversary of the Mahasamadhi of Dom Bede Griffiths (1906 - 1993)

In March/April 1992 Bede Griffiths was with us in Germany, Spain and England. 

On April 1st, 1992, he wrote in Kreuth/Upper Bavaria his unique small  article on „Meister Eckhart - Beyond a Personal God“.
From April 4 until 5 we met Raimon Panikkar (1918 - 2010) in Madrid for a television presentation.
From April 9 until 13 we visited the Winchester Conference „Light & Mystics - Mystics & Light“, where Bede Griffiths was the key-note speaker - unforgettable.
On April 14 Bede Griffiths and I were received by the Benedictine monk and Cardinal of England Basil Hume (1923 - 1999) - their first personal encounter.
In May 1992 Bede Griffiths spent several weeks in Australia, organized by our wonderful friend Douglas Meath Conlan, who came for various visits to our home.
I do keep dozens of handwritten letters from Bede Griffiths. I want to quote some from May 1992 - a year before he passed away:
Albany, Perth - May 2, 1992:
„My dear Roland, …I was invited to a private meeting with the Dalai Lama, and we discussed the question of ADVAITA and I spoke of the mystical tradition in Christianity. It is obvious that he knows little of this and he was deeply interested. We reached an extraordinary level of understanding. He thinks always of Christianity as the religion of a personal creator GOD and does not realize how we can go beyond GOD and the Godhead…“

Tarrawarra Abbey, Melbourne, May 14, 1992:
„My dear Roland,… I am more depressed by the liturgy and the mass. It has no life in it and is based so much on the psalms with all their negative aspects. I feel more and more that we have to go beyond the whole Jewish tradition and base ourselves on the cosmic revelation found in all ancient religion…“

Sydney, May 20, 1992:
„My dear Roland, … I try to present a faith which is really open to both western science and eastern thought, and this evokes great enthusiasm. I am going to speak on our UNIVERSAL WISDOM on Friday, 22nd. I am sorry that I missed Christiane’s birthday, give her my best wishes. I fly to San Francisco on the 29th. Yours ever in Christ…

The Cover-Photo below was made on 22nd September 1992 in Kreuth/Upper Bavaria

Sprach- & Kulturphilosoph

BEDE GRIFFITHS & MEISTER ECKHART - a unique document from 1st April 1992 --


from Roland Ropers


We need to remember that Meister Eckhart influenced and enriched the German language well before Martin Luther. Words like “Gelassenheit” and “Wirklich-keit” had been created by Meister Eckhart. The meaning of Wirklichkeit“ is very important today; the English word „reality“ relates to Latin „res“ (thing, object), hoewever „Wirklichkeit“ has no object at all. It is the pure essence of the permanent change of being.

„Meister Eckhart was  able to lead the church beyond the conceptual understanding of a personal God to a mystical experience in which the Godhead itself is encountered in its infinite, transcendent reality"

2 weeks after Bede Griffiths wrote his unique thoughts on Meister Eckhart we visited in London the Benedictine monk and Cardinal Basil Hume (1923 - 1999). On my personal request Basil Hume confirmed in wiriting that his fellow-brother was a living mystic. That was at time unique in the long history of the Church.

Cardinal Basil Hume Fr. Bede Griffiths and Roland Ropers