21st August 2017

My devotional songs written over a number of years and posted on my Youtube channel. The link is below, as BrCharles Hermit:

much love in Christ,

Charles Dharmasakha


August 2017

I would like to share a song written and sung by my brother Joao Noe Rodrigues. Love Tina


27th June 2017


here is a "Shantivam song" we added to the Christmas Eve celebration at the Sivananda ashram last year. It was beautiful!



BELOW -   We thank Cyprian Consiglio for his permission to share this chant with us. Please click below to listen

06 Faixa 6.mp3

15th April 2017

Video link for you Ad cenam Agni providi  We Gather for the Lambs High Feast, Ancient hymn which I have put to a simple modern music setting.

This hymn is traditionally used from vespers of Easter Sunday to Ascension.


 OM, shanti,shanti, shanti

Phillip Saunders

From: Stefan Andre Waligur
12th May 2016

Here is a chant ' Om Namah Ishaya', I Bow Before You, Jesus.' It was written while I was in Shantivanam in 2010 and became an oblate member.
It is now being sung in a growing number of churches in the United States.
Blessings and Peace,
Stefan Andre Waligur

From:  Stefan Waligur (Macushla)

9th December 2015

here is a recent video of a recording session that I call Celtic Kirtan.

From: Philip Saunders

25th August 2015

you might want to visit my soundcloud recording page https://soundcloud.com/phillip-saunders/ two of the songs there are inspired by Abhishiktananda  - Deeper Than Any Words and The Heavens Declare  - Hymn to OM 

8th July 2015

from: Marcos Monteiro

Look and listen my song on the sarod in the lounge music style. 



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