Extract from a conversation between Br. Martin and Carrie Lock, July 2007

from the ‘The Four O’Çlock Talks’ Discussions with John Martin Sahajananda compiled by Carrie Lock - page viii – ix of the Introduction


People grow through what they hear in your talks. Have you found that giving talks has aided your own spiritual growth?

I always learn from the people. Because each person’s journey is unique, the questions asked are always unique. Each question will make me think and reflect, so in that sense by listening to the questions and trying to answer them, I am also growing in my own understanding.

You write articles as well as give talks. Is there a difference between the way the content comes across in the written form and the way it comes across in your talks?

Sometimes I’ll have a thought, it becomes mature, and then I write. It’s like a woman pregnant with child; the child grows and grows and then it comes naturally. Everything seems to integrate so beautifully in writing; it’s not a struggle. Sometimes I wait for those moments of creativity.

But when posed with a question during talks, you can’t always wait for your thoughts to mature.

Sometimes, in the talks, when people ask questions, I find that something inspires me to say something. What I say is not something preplanned or in my memory, but something that comes in a very creative way. Sometimes something opens within me when I hear the questions.

Someone once said to me, ‘What I enjoy about Br. Martin’s talks is that sometimes I see a presence which is working through him’.

Sometimes it seems it’s not our limited mind that is at work, but something that is opening beyond our personal memories. We don’t need to depend upon our personal memories. By opening our minds, something comes out of beyond. That is confirmation that there is something operating beyond our mind. In this case, both the person who asks the question and the one answering are under the power of this higher consciousness.


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