The Message of Christmas: Christmas has many messages to communicate: first it reveals the purpose of creation, secondly it reveals the purpose of parents, thirdly it reveals the purpose of religions and finally it reveals the purpose of our human existence:

 Human beings are the combination of finite and infinite. We receive our physical body from the evolution of matter and our belief systems from the evolution of our soul. These two belong to our finite self. We also receive our ray of the infinite directly from God. God breathed his breath into the nostrils of Adam and Eve. This is the image of the infinite ray that is within us. This is our infinite self. The purpose of the two fold evolution of creation mentioned above is to give birth to our infinite ray or to discover our infinite self or to give birth to the sons and daughters of God. St.Paul says beautifully that 'the whole of creation is eagerly groaning to give birth to the sons and daughters of God'. For this birth to take place the evolutionary process of creation needs to become a virgin: the creation has to choose its children for God, for the spirit and not for itself or matter.

 The physical parents have to evolve to an extent when they are able to say that 'our children are not our children but God's children'. Until the time of Mary and Joseph parents were saying ' these children are our children'. But Mary and Joseph brought a revolution when they said ' This child born to us is not our child but God's child. We are only foster parents to God's child'. Hence they became virgin parents. A new creation began.

 Religions have to evolve to an extent when they can say ' these followers do not belong to us but to God. We are only foster parents to God's children'. In this way religions become virgin religious parents. All children should be brought up as God's children not a private property of any particular religion.

 If material universe wants human beings for itself, for materialism, and says you are dust and unto dust you return, then it becomes like king Herod who wanted children only for his power, position, family, wealth and continuity. If physical parents want children only to fulfill their desires and ambitions and then they become like king Herod, who was the murderer of innocent children because he wanted children only for his desires and ambitions. Abraham wanted Isaac only for his continuity. He was like king Herod. God intervened and asked him to sacrifice for Him, for eternity. When Abraham renounced his desire for continuity then he became a virgin. He gave his son for God for eternity. Isaac became the child of God. If religions choose their followers or children for themselves then they also become like King Herod who blocked the evolution of human consciousness to give birth to the sons and daughters of God. A daughter of God or a son of God is one who lives for the welfare of all of humanity and creation. A son of God or a daughter of God is the glory of God. He or she brings peace in the world. When Jesus, the son of God was born, the angels appeared and sang: Glory to God in the highest and peace to the people of good will on the earth.

 Finally Christmas reveals the purpose of our human existence: it is to transform our life into the life of God, our actions into God's actions and our children into God's children. A spiritual virgin says: O God, thy will be done: my life is not my life but your life; my actions are not my actions but your actions and my children are not my children but your children. A spiritual virgin prepares her children to say: Who is my mother, who are my brothers and sisters? Everyone who does the will of my Father is my brother and sister; and ' The works which I do are not my own but the Father(God) who dwells in me does his works'. A spiritual virgin lives the life of incarnation: giving birth to the eternity in each present moment of her or his life. (Whereas Herod gives birth to reincarnation, manifesting the past in the present moment and thus taking away originality, uniqueness and creativity of the present. It is the past killing the present). In this sense every birth becomes virgin birth or Christmas if physical parents see the truth. Every action becomes Christmas if it is incarnation. Every moment is the moment of Christmas if it is offered to God. Our whole life becomes life of Christmas.

 Hence the feast of Christmas is not to be celebrated by Christians only. It is an invitation to all for this new life in God.

 I wish you all a happy and merry Christmas. May you all be filled with the peace and joy of eternity manifesting in time and space. May this new year bring great fulfillment in your lives.

Br John Martin Sahajananda Kuvarapu


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