‘What is sin?’

Sin means acting against our true self, which is to act against the nature of human dignity. Sin is acting contrary to God’s will. The way I act depends on the identity I have of myself. Sinful actions arise due to the false identity I have about myself. The actions are not sin in an active sense though, if they are coming out of ignorance, because sin is a conscious act. But the moment I discover that my identity is in God, I need to try to live according to my true identity. When the true identity is discovered the false identity, through which we have been living, disappears. Through the grace of God, though, even in a false identity we can have an experience of God. It is at the point of realizing that ‘I and God are one’ that we ultimately discover our true identity.

Extract from THE FOUR O’CLOCK TALKS – Discussions with JOHN MARTIN SAHAJANANDA Compiled by Carrie Lock  Page 128


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