A Credo for Today’s Christians



I believe

That there is only one God, one Infinite Reality!

That its nature is Love, Fullness and Unfolding!


I believe

That the whole of creation is a manifestation of God

That it bears the image and likeness of God

That it is ultimately one with God!


I believe

That the vocation of creation is to be fruitful and to multiply

And for human beings it includes unfolding (manifesting),

divine attributes of love and compassion in relationships!


I believe

That human beings have the gift of self-consciousness

Giving them the possibility of being ignorant of their true vocation

and also the gift of remembering it!


I believe

That when human beings are ignorant of their true vocation,

they live in bondage creating evil, disharmony, division

and violence within and in the world! 


I believe

That when human beings remember their true nature,

They live in freedom creating goodness, harmony, unity

and peace within and in the world!


I believe

That human beings evolve in their relationship with God,

with one another and with creation,

until they realize their oneness with all of them!


 I believe

That all human desires are ultimately desires for God, the infinite happiness,

but ignorance projects them in the wrong direction.

Human desire should not be renounced but should be transformed (elevated) into the desire of God! 

I believe

That in the Biblical Tradition Jesus Christ had realized this truth

and invited everyone to do the same!


I believe

That Jesus Christ refused to deny his spiritual realization

and accepted his humiliating death on the Cross for the spiritual growth of every single human being

and for the unity and liberation of mankind! 

I believe

That Truth is Life and it cannot be put into the tombs of narrow mental constructions

 for it will rise and will be always victorious! 


I believe

That life and death are part of the manifested world

But our ultimate nature is LIFE that knows no death. Amen.


Our belief should become our realization






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