Tucson 2013 World Religion Day Celebration - Prayer by Sr. Pascaline Coff


Oh Blessed Trinity perfect unity – we adore, we adore, we adore,

Father Creator we offer this humble prayer

You who radiate and share perfect Love bring us back to You, all of us.

Send your Spirit to make us strong in faith and ever more attuned to good works in love.

Forgive us for our insensitivity to those who want for solidarity and a sense of belonging to the whole human family.

May we build bridges that unite us and tear down all those barriers that separate us from one another and therefore from You.

Source of love and compassion you are calling us to unity and love in spite of the diversities that separate us, the rivalries that disunite us, the pride that create barriers among us and the differences that divide us from one another and therefore from You.

Cure us from any unknown blindness that prevents us from welcoming your presence in those whose religious practices are not like our own. Fill us with love for all the churches synagogues mosques and temples and all who worship within them and all our first native people who from the beginning have worshipped you in your glorious creation outdoors.

That together in our unity we may witness to your Presence and your Truth in a world that needs the strength of our one mind and one heart.

Help us now to celebrate our unity with all for which Christ prayed that we may respect the unity that is yours Father and Son and Holy Spirit.




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